Faculty staff

The Brand Faculty is a connecting place for seasoned brand builders, each with 15+ years of work experience.
We all agree on one thing: Brands grow by putting people at the heart of it.


We like to see ourselves as a collective of expertise and experience, to be tapped into by those who want to benefit. It’s a bit like going to brand university, asking for advice, insight and training…


No faculty member is full time employed by The Brand Faculty. There is no fancy big office, no agency costs, no support staff expenses.

It is the collective network of the brand faculty members that gives us reach and depth, enabling us to find the best people for any local consulting and/or training assignment.

Each brand faculty member contributes from a personal passion for a specific field of expertise in brand building, on a project by project basis. For these reasons, you can always be sure to get the best resource, for your specific case, for a great price.


The Brand Faculty has global reach, with central hubs in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Cologne, Germany. Partners in The Brand Faculty are Tijs Timmerman, PhD., and Anne-Katrin Müller, accomplished brand builders with experience in strategic and operational marketing, shopper marketing and capability building. They learned their skills at multinationals like Unilever, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Danone and Heineken. Together, they have consulted and trained hundreds of commercial brand builders and their leaders, and helped create brand strategies for brands of all sorts and sizes.

noun fac·ul·ty \ˈfa-kəl-tē\


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